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Sony Xperia Z Vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Advantages and Disadvantages

Sony Xperia Z Vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Advantages and Disadvantages
For the flagship smartphone fans, the presence Galaxy S4 and Xperia Z is certainly going to be good alternative. Each has advantages and disadvantages. In deciding which one would be better suited for you, compare the specs alone are not enough. Both have a 5 inch Full HD screen, 13 megapixel camera and quad-core processors.

But despite the similarities, there are differences in them that deserve to be considered. These are the advantages and disadvantages of each smartphone when compared to each other.

Why choose Sony. Sony Xperia Z advantages compared to the Galaxy S4
  • Superior design more beautiful than the Galaxy S4 on almost every side.
  • Field of View camera that is wider, so it can capture more objects in the frame at the same distance
  • Body stronger and tougher with IP57 protection, water and dust resistant with glass material. Samsung Galaxy S4 premium less impressed with plastic material
  • The presence of the FM Radio, augment the advantages in terms of multimedia
  • HDR Video feature on the Xperia Z who also missed the Galaxy S4
  • Already available in the market, while the Galaxy S4 will be available in late April or in May

Why choose Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S4 advantages compared to Xperia Z

  • The screen has a lot more features and better quality. Contrast, superior viewing angles. Supports floating touch and can be operated using gloves.
  • Better processor performance. Benchmark Galaxy S4 beat Sony Xperia Z in each test
  • Camera quality and features are more complete. Almost for every condition, the Galaxy S4 camera is able to defeat the  Sony Xperia Z in terms of color reproduction, detail and noise levels.
  • Infrared Blaster. Features in the Xperia ZL, but absent in Xperia Z
  • Much more Additional features of the software.Multi-windows, S-Voice, Smart stay, smart scroll, smart pause, etc
  • Newer operating systems with Android 4.2.1
  • Sensors are more complete (barometer, thermometer, hygroscope)
  • Better quality on audio, video and camera
  • Batteries with improved capacity and better durability

If calculated, the advantages of the Galaxy S4 is much more. But it can not be denied that IP57 certification on Sony Xperia Z is an advantage. Some people will sacrifice the advantages of feature and tweak-tweak in multimedia side of Galaxy S4.

Which one better is a personal taste of each person. If you really need a device that can be used in any weather, Xperia Z is the answer. But if you need a smartphone that can be relied upon as a camera, music player and video recorder with superior features, then the Galaxy S4 is the answer. Also you can see Galaxy S4 comparison with the iPhone 5, Blackberry Z10 and Lumia 920.

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