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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Review, Advantages and Key Features

Google has officially showcased Jelly Bean as the latest generation of Android. This operating system was mentioned a number of features have been enhanced from previous generations.

Through the mat Google I / O that was held in San Francisco, United States, the veil of Android Jelly Bean discussed later warm start finally revealed.

There are some big changes or small changes that make the Jelly Bean looks more 'sweet' than Ice Cream Sanwich (ICS).

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No Lay anymore with Butter Project
Android ICS is quite stunning with a better level of responsiveness, but the Jelly Bean offers more comfort thanks to Project Butter.

Butter the Jelly Bean Project is not only changing the look of Android more attractive, but also claimed to be designed to optimize the ability of System on Chip (SoC) to each phone.

Google claims there are three things that make the project look stunning Butter, for anti flickr Vsync and Triple Buffering to optimize OpenGL, then optimization of the processor to increase the responsiveness of the phone.

So not only touches are responded to quickly, Jelly Bean also made a smooth transfer of the application.

Google Now application
Now Google is a location-based application that is claimed to provide much information to users, this is one excellent feature on Jelly Bean.

Unlike location-based systems in general, Google Now can work using the search history from the browser, calendar and location of the user. It is believed to produce more relevant information for each user.

For example, when the user is no scheduled meeting somewhere. Now Google will help you to remind you to come in time to inform the estimated travel time, bus schedules to get to their destination, and others.

Smart Notification
Notification bar at Jelly Bean is now made more intelligent. Say when the user got a missed call, then to call back via the notification bar.

All widgets alwasy match with any screen reslution
Widgets are now more intelligent. They are now able to automatically adjust the size of the remaining space on the screen. So that even large-sized widget will remain more unsightly.

Searching with the Smart Sound
Indeed, had long since users can do a web search with voice commands in Android, but now the feature is made more intelligent with the ability to answer.

Android Jelly Bean scheduled to be released starting in mid-July 2012. This operating system seems to be first visited Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Motorola Xoom.

Newer Photo Gallery
At ICS Android users already offered to take pictures without the lag and the ability of Burts are stunning, the Jelly Bean improvements would be done on the photo gallery application.

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