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Galaxy S5 mini Got Dual-SIM Version

Export-import data of Zauba is again revealing new information about Samsung Galaxy S5 mini. A Samsung phone with code number SM-G800H is noted in Zauba as dual-SIM version with screen of 4,5 inches. The smartphone is sent to India for the needs of test and evaluation.
Samsung Galaxy S5 mini was rumored to have many different variants. The phones with code number SM-G800A and SM-G800F are known running single-SIM only. Version 'A' was rumored for AT&T in the USA, while 'F' is for Europe market.

Besides, there is also version with code number SM-G800H. The service of GFXBench notes that this version uses Snapdragon 400 processor. While SM-G800A, by UAFprof, was recorded having 2,3GHz clock speed that's believed using Snapdragon 800/801.

The Newest Teaser of Motorola Moto E: ''Goodbye Flip Phone''

Today, May 13, Motorola is releasing its newest smartphone in the USA. They already posted on Twitter, the teasers of the product introduction, by adding hashtag #GoodbyeFlipPhone. This hashtag is meant to mark the consumers who will use smartphone for the first time.
Mentioning flip phone is not a surprise, because of feature phone in the USA, that most of them use form of factor flip/clamshell/flip. Another tweet stated that this newest smartphone will not be afraid of dirt, so it will probably be water and dust resistant, or at least resist the splash of water.

By selling to consumers for the first time, it seems true that this new product that will be announced today is Motorola MotoE, which is more affordable than Moto G. Last week appeared photo of the device that was said as Motorola Moto E, compared to Moto G.

Rumor said that Motorola Moto E would feature screen of 4,3 inches, dual-core 1,2GHz processor, 4GB internal memory, RAM of 1GB, 5MP back camera, dual-SIM support, FM radio, Bluetooth, battery of 1.900mAh and also digital TV feature. Moto E is also said using Android 4.4 KitKat OS. With dimension of 124,8 x 64,8 x 6,2 mm, we can say that this smartphone is very thin one.

Here Comes The Very First Windows Phone 8.1 Smartphone from LG

Some times ago, it was said that LG was preparing its newest Windows Phone smartphone. The existence is being revealed after Twitter account of Evleaks posted an LG Windows Phone. Evleaks stated that the device got the name 'LG Uni8'. It's believed as LG's very first phone running OS of Windows Phone 8.1.
Actually LG is not a newcomer in Windows Phone market. The electronic company from South Korea has produced smartphone with OS of Windows Phone 7.x, but the units were not as many as Android. Let's say LG E900 Optimus 7, LG GW910 (LG Apollo), and other products that were released by cooperation with cellular operators.

From the leakage posted by Evleaks, it shows the body of LG Uni8 that doesn't have camera button like most series of Nokia Lumia. While the navigation button is placed on the screen. The phone is also seen having very thin bezel.

Not Just Mini Surface, is Microsoft Also Preparing a New Surface Based on Intel?

Rumors about the plan of Surface Mini announcement have been revealed several times. It's said that Surface Mini would be announced on upcoming May 20, and will possibly come along with its company a new Surface tablet.

Unlike Surface Mini that will use Qualcomm chip, the new Surface tablet that is going to be revealed is possibly still based on Intel. This information was stated by someone from Cnet while saying that Microsoft would probably give away those tablets to the media crew who come to the event.
That new Surface will possibly use Haswell variant chip, not Atom series like Intel Bay Trail. This model is also not the small version of Surface like on Qualcomm version.

As known, Microsoft has been providing SurfacePro model based on Intel all along. Meanwhile before this, Surface RT was using Nvidia chip and Surface Mini would be the very first Microsoft tablet that uses Qualcomm chip. Another Surface RT tablet using Qualcomm chip is Lumia 2520 from Nokia.

8 GB Variant of iPhone 5c Enters India to Replace iPhone 4

India will get Apple iPhone 5C 8GB variant to replace the existence of iPhone 4, as stated on BGR website. 8GB iPhone 5C variant was actually already released about two months ago but limited only for region of Germany, France, U.K., Australia, and China. This step is considered to increase popularity of the colorful iPhone which gets obstacle by iPhone 5S charms. Tim Cook was focused on India in the last view years, and according to the last financial report it can be said that he made it.
''iPhone continues showing an amazing performance in the developong markets,'' said Tim. ''In China, Brazil, Indonesia, Poland, and Turkey, the sales of iPhone increases up to two digits from year to year, even in India and Vietnam the sales reached twice more that that. ''

In India iPhone 5C is sold for between Rs 35,000 and Rs37,000 (US$ 583-609), even using exchange-and-add program it can reduce price up to Rs 30,000 (US$ 496). That price decreases about 2,000 rupee or US$ 35 cheaper than the version of 16GB.

TV OLED Sony Production Got Stopped?

Sony seems to keep doing efficiency in their business. After laptop business line under the name of Vaio was sold to another party, it was said that Sony also cancelled the production of OLED television and changed the direction to development of LCD screen with 4K resolution.

The development of TV OLED Sony production was done before with Panasonic as partner. This project failed because both sides couldn't make a strong and economical OLED panel to be sold to the market.
Until today Sony hasn't made an official statement about this. However Sony's decision to stop this television project is considered reasonable regarding from this segment Sony still couldn't get much profit.

For now Sony seems to focus on smartphone business and game console in international market. PS4 was reported to be sold out and surpassed the sales of Xbox One from Microsoft. Sony has also released Xperia Z2 which was postponed before but now it's available around the European countries.